Professional Management Services

Making property ownership, management and short-term rental a breeze!

Our Expertise

Complete Tenant Management

NADA ASSOCIATES LLC Real Estate is a multi-faceted investment management sales & rental company located in New York City. We've been in business for over 2 decades. We ensure a hassle free process when management sales investing in the largest real estate market in the world. We service every aspect of buying, leasing and managing commercial and residential properties in New York City, so that you can enjoy a profitable and hassle free experience.   

Get Your Time Back

Hire a property management company and get your time back. Leave the day-to-day management to us and have more time for the things you want. You can use that extra time to grow your business!

Real Estate Rules & Regulations

If you have questions about affordable housing programs, grants, leasing, repairs, or tax credits, rely on our property management services to ensure everything goes smoothly. Book a consultation today to get some answers. 


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